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a suckling pig

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To order a suckling pig is easy:
Please email, phone or text an order through.
My suckling pigs are all processed in the correct manner both tagged and stamped. Transported in refridgerated trucks to your destined Butcher shop or restuarant.
The pigs are sold as a whole piece, including the head. They are dressed (hair & insides removed) and ready for spit roasting!  
Restaurants will have their suckling pigs delivered buy a refridgerated van.
If you are a private buyer a deposit is required apon ordering and balance may be paid apon pick up, or upon delivery booking. Pick up is required from our local butcher shop or you may choose delivery to your door for $45.00 .
Suckling Pig Prices Vary With Season & Stock 8-20kg pig Price Range $200-260.
For current prices please email with the weight required.

Packaged Pork Cuts
I sell my pork via my FACEBOOK PAGE YarraPigs Free Range Pork I sell it mainly in cryvacc packs, but freezer bags are a cheaper option. The pork is sold fresh or Frozen.
Cuts available : Pork Chops, Cutlets, Roasts, Spare Ribs, Pork Belly, Pork Racks, Kidneys, Trotter & Hocks.
Private Orders can be made, Cut & Packaged from $15/kg<




I'll update this page frequently so check back often!