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Farm Hand Services

I am expereinced farm hand and I'm able to do tasks that you may not be skilled at or have the time to do yourself.

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Do you want piece of mind when you are away on holidays??
Need some help with maintaining your farm animals???
I can check over your stock whilst your on holidays or unwell.
Vaccinate, Casterate & Ear Tag your Cattle, Sheep, Pig or Goat.
Or just assist you with your stock as an extra hand.
Yarding, Drafting, Tagging, Tail Docking, Nose Ringing, etc
I have applicators, rings, scaples, etc and can orginise the vaccination injections if needed.
General Farm Hand Tasks  $28/hr
Additional cost for further tasks (each task varies in price)
Email me the jobs and I'll send you back a quote!
Travel is .95 cents/km
"Good Help Is Hard To Find"

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