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Do you want chooks in the backyard??
Do you have children you wish to expereince owning a chook?
Do you want to try owning a Chicken?
Why not Rent-a-Chook??
I have a range of chooks, chickens, roosters & ducks available to rent.
At $15/week/chook, you can have chickens in your back yard!!

What you will need:

  • A secure pen with dry roosting area or a rabbit hutch.
  • Chicken Feed (a small quantity will be supplied)
  • Water Bowl

A $20/Chook deposit is required and  have option to buy your Rent-a-Chook.

The good thing about Rent-a-Chook is that you dont have to have the burden of owning a pet all the time, if it doenst suit just return it!

Email Enquiry now!!

Breeds Include:
Isa Brown X
Ausralorpe X
White Leg Horn
Bantum x

These Little Duckling are only 2 days old.
These will be some of the stock able to be rented.

Have A Farm Animal Experience!!!